Moncler Craig Green

As a menswear designer, Craig Green focuses on issues that are closely linked to the human condition, protection and function being his main preoccupations. Ever the pragmatist, Green devised overblown, sculptural shapes built like sums of cubic elements that retain a sense of function, working solely with matte nylon and cotton dawns. As radical as his sculptural down-filled forms appear, completely rewriting the dialogue between clothing and body, looking like flotation devices, or life-saving rafts, they are meant to be properly worn and used.

Padding is brought to the ultimate level, making pieces look gigantic yet still very light, as if they were filled with air. Protection gets to the furthest, turning looks into soft contemporary armors, with hoods concealing faces.

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  • Spring Summer 2019
  • Moncler Craig Green

  • Moncler Craig Green