Moncler Grenoble Genius





Sandro Mandrino has exquisite taste, but he knows how to shake things up. He mixed playfulness and sophistication, injecting a quirky mix ‘n match energy while taking Moncler’s technical foundations on unexpected grounds. Mandrino worked with patterns, prints and fabrics which are considered a counterintuitive choice for mountain gear and gave them a technical spin, keeping the sense of joyous elegance. The result is a cheerful collection for both men & women that invites the wearer to further play with patterns, colors and textures, creating individual mixes. The overall feeling is optimistic and bright, with a hint of the Sixties: colorful paisleys, velvets in geometric patterns, fearless mixes of flowers and stripes. Jackets and cropped jackets are adorned with Scandinavian motifs; flowers swarm on tracksuits and astrakhan jackets recur in colorful variations; tartan pea-coats feature shearling collars and trims. It’s all about theme and variations, in a palette ranging from solid black to prints, with looks played in addition. Printed gloves further highlight the mix of patterns. The distinctive silhouette flares at the bottom, emphasized by the two-tone hiking boots.



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