Moncler Noir Kei Ninomiya


Kei Ninomiya approached the collection with the eye for intricacy and the sense of experimentalism he is known for.
He explored an idea of wearable geometry, pushing the limits of duvet from both a technical and an aesthetic viewpoint,
striving for innovation in both fields. 

Kei applied painstaking workmanship and fabric manipulation to the garments, using nylon and leather for a series
of challenging yet functional items, made by multiplying small modules and assembling them into complete forms.
Shapes are feminine, with round skirts, stoles and cropped jackets or longer coats defining punk yet romantic silhouettes,
always completed with sturdy boots. Each item looks both familiar and surprising: iconic forms are taken to new grounds
with a keen use of intarsia, quilting, stitching, appliqué, ruffling that create decorative yet geometric movements all over
the surfaces. Even flowers turn into geometric cut outs or are morphed into dangerous leather applications.
Technique is pushed to the extreme in the dawn-filled nylon tubes knitted into voluminous jumpers. The overall effect is one
of dark romanticism, further stressed by the uncompromising palette of shiny, futuristic black.






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